Postcards from Greece : Mykonos Old Town

Postcards from Greece : Mykonos Old Town


When I travel, I find myself systematically planning my outfits to suit the destination. I had envisioned bright block colors against the crisp whites in the Greek Islands, too vain? No, not really. Just a little too excited about entering a Grecian paradise.


Mykonos has been a dream. Never have I consumed so many Gyros/Souvlaki on a daily basis and substituting Greek Frappes over juice was a pretty good idea!

Jet lagged and too lazy to write, here are a few highlights from my trip:

1. Party life is crazy. People (my girlfriends included), wake up at 1.00Am to dance the night away, stumbling home at 8.00Am. It’s indecipherable how I managed to last that one night. Popular places for these parties are: Paradise beach club and Cavo Paradise.

2. Being our first stop in Greece, motivated and determined, we did try to consume as many Gyros/Souvlakis as we could possibly digest. I found the best tasting ones to be at the smaller stands, the meat seems juicer and the bread is fluffier. Or maybe I’m just into market food.

3. We stayed at the Carbonaki hotel central to Mykonos town. Beautifully styled and perfect location. We were in walking distance to all the shops and cafes, what more could one ask for? I did have a moment of hesitation when I found out the hotel had no escalators (???), our suite was on level 4, you could imagine the facial expressions. Lucky the staff were more than helpful to assist with our luggage. I would certainly return and hopefully make use of the pool amenities.

There were other highlights. But I’m only noting 3. Photos say it.

Still Jet lagged.


Orange dress from H&M

Blue dress Iconic

Photos by Jennifer Tran.



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