Post cards from New Zealand – Queenstown

Post cards from New Zealand – Queenstown


The moment I arrived into Queenstown, I wondered why it took me so long to buy a ticket to this picturesque land.

Queenstown is an ideal location for romantics and adrenaline junkies. I was lucky enough to travel with my mum and dad on this trip. It’s so nice to spend some quality time together. Although I am still living at home with my parents, it’s not often we get to spend the whole day bonding with each other given our commitments to our work and social calender, so this opportunity was bliss!

Photos above are taken by me at the picturesque ”Mirror Lake” in Queenstown. Joy for being so (too) lucky to visit this most amazing country, what makes it better that it’s only a 4hour flight away home!

We checked into our hotel at the Queenstown Nugget hotel. Jaw dropping moment when we saw the view from our balcony, crisp air, prodigious blue waters, what more can one ask for?

To de-brief:

Flames restaurant is amazing! – Food was so good went went back 3 times, twice for lunch and one for dinner. Make sure you make a booking for the dinner session, seems like they’re always booked out. Don’t drive (if you plan to rent out a car), you will get tipsy on the New Zealand Rieslings. You must order the Lamb racks and the King Prawns, thinking about it makes me hungry.

Skyline gondola is a must-do. You can easily spend the whole day being mesmerized by the mountain views, giggle on the Lung rides and opt into photo-shoot-mode with an amazing backdrop. Lunch is served at the Skyline restaurant. We managed to get a table without booking. Food is okay (coming from a Melbourne food-snob here), tad over priced, but acceptable.

Fergbuger Queenstown – Apparently this is a hot spot. Lines are perpetually long, we waited 30 minutes to get our burgers. I’d give it a 5.39/10 (the 0.39 increment probably came from the fact that we were starving waiting in line).

Queenstown Nugget hotel – gives an old-glamour romantic feel, about 10 minutes away from the city town center. Pretty views, gorgeous fittings, highly recommended!

Anyway, I am in the process of packing my bags. Again. Going to London and Greek Islands in 4 days! #cantwait #tooexcited!




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