Thuy & baby Keanu

LMA Make up and Photo-shoot session

Thuy & baby Keanu

I was ecstatic to be requested by Thuy & Long to do a make up and photo session for their family day photo-shoot. First time I worked with a baby and Keanu was simply adorable! Despite our ten million trial shots, at least 2 nappy changes and 3 milk bottle breaks, we managed to yield some happy snaps that are quite precious.

Thuy naturally has beautiful clear skin, so all we needed was some light contour, soft eye color to create a natural healthy glow that any radiant mother would have.

Here are a few of my favorite snaps of Thuy and Keanu, not including the ones of Long and their love-filled puppy Benny (no offense to Long, you look great, without any make up required).

Photos taken on Canon SLR 550D Portrait lens.

Make up and photo by : La Mia Artistry

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